Frequently  asked  questions


Q: Do you own the properties that you sell?

A: Yes, all the properties we sell are owned by CavLand Affordable Properties.


Q: What if I'm in an active land contract for a property but later decide I would like to transfer to another property you have listed?

A: As long as you're current with your payments and you haven't paid off the balance on your existing land contract we will work with you to transfer your equity (payments made excluding the monthly payment service fee) towards the other property you're interested in.  You will need to complete a new land contract for the other property.


Q: Can I sell you a property that I own? or a property that I previously purchased from you?

A: Yes, please click on  Buy Your AZ Property  page to provide us with the land parcel details so that we can provide you with a fast cash offer.  

* Please note due to land value fluctuations the price offered for the previously purchased property may not be the same as the purchase price.*


Q: Will I need to pay separate annual taxes on a property that I'm actively paying with a land contract?

A: No, annual taxes are included in the monthly service fee and will be paid by CavLand Affordable Properties until the sale is complete and transferred into your name.


Q: Can I camp, visit, or live on a property that I'm actively making installment payments on?

A:  Once you sign the land contract it list's the details to your access on the land. In short yes, you have full access to the land as far as visiting & camping go but you cannot live, build, mine, or place a permanent structure on the land until it is paid in full and the transfer is complete.


Q: Are the listings on this website all the properties you have in stock?

A: No, we have more properties in stock but it usually takes up to 90 days to have properties transferred into our name before we can list them.  If you'd like to inquire on them feel free to contact us at either method on our "contact us" page or on the submit a question prompt on our home page.


Q: Is the land contract difficult or confusing?

A: Nope, it's just a hard copy agreement between you the buyer and me the seller which states you'll take care of the property that you are purchasing until it's paid in full at which point I will then transfer the deed onto your name.  Otherwise I'm truly flexible and will work with you on any circumstances that come your way.


Q: Is there a limit on how many properties I can purchase? or on how many active land contracts I can have going at the same time?

A: No, you can purchase as many properties in full or on active land contracts as you'd like.


Q: Will you share my personal information with vampires and goblins?

A: No, we protect your personal information and only provide it to the parties involved with completing the sale and transfer of the property.


Q: Do you donate to any charitable organizations?

A: Yes we do, a portion of the proceeds received on sales is donated to St. Jude Childrens research hospital & to St. Vincent De Paul Phoenix (see our homepage).


Q: How long does the deed transfer or purchase process take?

A: The moment you purchase the property in full the purchase process is immediate.  The deed transfer process is handled by the county in which the property is located and can take anywhere from 30-90 days to transfer into your name however the property is your's immediately when paid in full.