Everyone's Approved and the best part is there's no penalty for early payoff


Affordable  monthly  payment  terms  on  properties

Relaxed  in -house  0%  term payment plans

payment terms  are not reported to the credit bureau 

that means  your balance doesn't reflect on your credit score

Custom  tailored  terms  available  for  properties  over   $10,000.




Cash purchase instructions

  1. Select the property or service of your choice
  2. Click "add to cart"
  3. Go to checkout   or   "go to cart"
  4. If you have a coupon enter it in then click "apply" if not then just click "go to checkout"
  5. Provide your personal information
  6. Select the     "credit card"  option
  7. Confirm your details and check the "i agree with the terms and conditons" box then click  "buy now"
  8. Provide your payment information
  9. Done!  you will now be the proud owner of property in Arizona if you purchased property Or will be joining us as a new customer for a service..... either way Congratulations!!